All About the Process

dontcompareI’ve been thinking a lot about process lately, which I’m sure has much to do with the change of season – I’ve always preferred fall reflections to New Year’s resolutions. We’re approaching the two year mark from when we first opened the doors here at Dabble & Stitch, originally known as Stitch City Sew-Op. Getting to that point was the end result of a long process of reflection, searching, planning, and literal hard work, like pounding nails and laying down flooring. And now here we are two years later, happy to have learned so much, happy to be able to expand our fabric selection and happy to have our little sewing lounge being put to use. We are so thankful for everyone who has come by and supported and encouraged us. We’ve received such a warm welcome from the community, it really is a joy to be brightening up our our little spot on Arcadia.

Still, the process didn’t stop when we opened the doors, and in so many ways I feel like we are just getting started, even as we come up on our two year anniversary. I’m reflecting on this now because I want to share more of the process with you here on this blog. Mostly crafts, but also life. You’ll probably see some posts reflecting on new projects we’re working on, and where we’re heading. I’ll aim for once a week updates at first, but you might see more just reflections like this, as well as class announcements and new fabric arrivals. I think the quote about not comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle is relevant to so many things in life. I’m taking it to heart for this blog, as I get in the habit of sharing more with you. And I hope you take it to heart for whatever projects you are working on, wherever you’re at in the process.