Notions We Love

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We have put our notions to the test over the last six months. Tools get a lot of use (and abuse) in a sewing studio so when you find something that 1. Holds up to wear and tear and 2. Makes your sewing process so much easier, you get excited! We could go on and on, but these tools are some of our favorites.

1. Clear Ruler: They come in all shapes and sizes are awesome for the cutting process.  It’s great to be able to easily and quickly assess angles.  Quilters find these especially helpful.

2. Olfa Rotary Cutter: Some people love rotary cutters, some hate them.  We tend to be in the love camp.  We’ve tried several brands but keep coming back to Olfa.  They seem to stay sharp the longest.

3. Clover Wonder Clips: These are amazing for pattern cutting, quilt binding, and just about everything else.  Pins are great but if you have a particularly delicate fabric or don’t want to mess with the hassle, these little guys are quick and easy.  Love them.

4. Titanium Coated Superior Machine Needles: These guys are strong, easy to sew with, and stay sharp for a lot longer than their counterparts.

5.  Petite Press Mini Iron: This little guy is fantastic for sewing seams open without burning your fingers. The head adjusts for your desired angle and it’s super lightweight. Makes ironing quilting and garment seams so much easier.

6. Alex Anderson’s 4 in 1 tool: This tool is awesome. Use it for finger pressing, corner turning, stuffing, piecing, applique and seam ripping.  It’s a lovely little tool to have in your sewing box

What are some of your favorite tools? We would love to hear from you.

**Items 1-4 are available in our shop so stop in if you would like to try them out!