Seven Reasons to Sew at Dabble & Stitch

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1) Share project ideas

Sometimes, you see what someone else is doing and are inspired to make your own version, with your own twist. Seeing other peoples’ projects can really inspire you with your own.

2) Practical tips and tricks

A friendly community of sewers can help you pick up tips and tricks. We all hit snags on projects, and having another sewer nearby can help you quickly solve problems and improve your technique.

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3) Work with friends

What is better than sewing alone? Sewing with friends! As long as there is enough space for you. Our sewing studio can comfortably host 4 to 6 people. There’s plenty of space for a group of friends, and plenty of opportunities to make new friends too.

4) Fancy Schmancy Machines

Have you ever wanted a large-bed sewing machine for quilting? How about a serger, or an embroidery machine? Or maybe you just want to try a high-quality Janome or Necchi machine before deciding if you want to buy your own. Our studio is outfitted with all of these high quality machines…and they are all at your disposal!

necchi embroidery machine

5) Teaching and learning

Part of the joy of crafting is learning skills and passing them on. You can get individualized instruction, take a class, or teach a class at our studio. Take a look at our calendar, or call us and set up a personal class. You can also talk to Katie if you’d like to teach or see us offer a particular kind of class.


6) Sunlight, beautiful sunlight

Natural sunlight really helps you see how your fabrics and projects will look. Plus, it just feels better to spend the day sewing in the sun.

7) Supplies at your fingertips

Have you ever been in the middle of the project and realized you need just a little more fabric? Or are missing a tool? Or maybe you want to see how a project might look with different notions, or incorporating various fabrics. Sewing in our studio allows you to play around with your options without leaving your project.

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